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Merkur XR4Ti.  I found this photo on my Automotive Mechanics book a long time ago.  I scanned, then bam!  She's got a blue color now.  Like it?  Good. DESCRIPTION
Here are some of the products we offer for your Merkur XR4Ti & Scorpio. Actually, this page will apply to most cars and trucks.
Merkur XR4Ti on YouTube—An archive video from MotorWeek.  External link.
p/s hose assembly
We rebuild powersteering (p/s) hose assemblies. Price starts at 60 USD. If we rebuild your hose assembly, they will be much better than the OEM, because we use hydraulic hose & hydraulic fittings to substitute the OEM. Photo is sample only. We do not stock these OEM p/s hoses, but we can deliver these types if you insist on a brand new p/s hose assembly, or if they are still supported.
AC134aWe repair air conditioning (A/C) hose assemblies. Allow 2 to 24 hours for each job. Some jobs may even take longer. Please mark hose/fitting positions before you remove them from the car/truck. Use paint or a "White-Out" to mark your lines. Once crimped, these fittings cannot be twisted from their axis. Any mistakes in this case will not be our fault. You'll be paying for the second repair---same cost. Prices differ, because of hose assembly sizes and lengths.
silicone vacuum & heater hoses. turbo charger hose. fuel & oil hose. hydraulic adapters. shop air tool hose.

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463 Series on Merkur XR4TI 1986 Automatic Tranny
463 Series on Merkur XR4TI 1986 Automatic Tranny. This hose is a cheaper alternative to the FORD OEM.
Brake hose & clutch assemblies. We rebuild new assemblies using Brakequip's DOT approved steel braided and rubber hose. Excellent chemical and temperature resistance. Available in volume or small quantity, custom orders.
"We at LE strive deliberately to design the world's finest lubricants, in order to achieve the highest possible level of performance, without regard to cost of base oils, or additives, or the price for which such lubricants must sell. They must be unique, exclusive and proprietary to LE, and must deliver to the user a value far greater than he can obtain from other products for the same application." --LI10002 Rev. 02-00. Read more . . .