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Terms & Conditions

  1. HOSE LINE reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.
  2. Price quotes are not final. We reserve the right to change pricing, in case of clerical errors, shipping costs, and other adjustments. Price quotes are not firm, nor contractual.
  3. No return and no exchange for all custom works and special orders.
  4. Customer understands and agrees that HOSE LINE will not be held liable for misapplication of merchandise that may indirectly or directly result in property damage, injuries, death, etc.
  5. Customer understands and agrees that there are risks for all repair jobs and custom assemblies. Therefore, HOSE LINE shall not be held liable for any damages--property damage, physical injury, death, et cetera--caused by a repaired hose or tubing assembly(ies). HOSE LINE, however, will honor a thirty days (30) limited parts & labor warranty from the date of invoice issue to be free from defects in worksmanship. Your original parts, however, are not honored in our thirty days (30) limited parts & labor warranty. Our thirty days (30) limited parts & labor warranty is only a repair job, not a refund of payment.
  6. Manufacturer's warranty, if any such protection, warranties, guarantees are supported at all, will be at the discretion or responsibility of the original manufacturer. HOSE LINE does not cover, nor assume any responsibilities for the performance or reliability of these products/services.
  7. Drain hoses before taking them to our hose shop. Otherwise, we will charge $5.00 USD for each hose assembly with fluid.
  8. Unclaimed and/or unpaid custom works, hose assemblies, equipment, and other kinds of items will be destroyed or discarded after 15 days.
  9. Shipping/freight information—Shipping information provided by HOSE LINE are estimates only, and not final; product/item availability (assembly or construction) must also be taken in consideration. Like any other good company, we strive to do our best to deliver on time, but as always, we reserve the right to make excuses on why you didn't get that fancy widget on time. See the following links for your reference:
  10. No C.O.D. shipments. All items must paid before delivery/shipment.
  11. We do not ship item(s) if paid by personal checks/cheques (including business checks) until ten days after deposit/clearance.
  12. QAI products—all materials supplied are considered commercial excess, unless stated otherwise. These items are controlled by export regulations. All buyers are subject to credit approval. Restocking charges apply on all return material unless due to manufacturer's error. All quotes for these items are valid for 10 days only. Orders under $500.00 net will be charged with $20.00. All quotes are based on quantity requested, changes in quantity will void our original quote. Please specify for what reason these items stated in RFQs are meant for use: (1) Your own stocking/use? (2) For use within U.S.? (3) For resale to U.S. Government, (3) For export? Give noted aircraft or engine information, please?
  13. Website sources & credits: http://www.hoseline.net/credits.htm
  14. HOSE LINE order form: http://www.hoseline.net/forms/order.htm
  15. Resale certificate for tax excempt customers: http://www.hoseline.net/forms/no-tax.htm
  16. eBay or auction sales are sold "AS IS," unless we state otherwise.
  17. HOSE LINE is not responsible for the statements or claims by third party vendors, re-publishers--i.e., Cafe Press, Amazon and eBay.
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UPS Shipping Information

“UPS guarantees the day of delivery for every ground package you ship to any address within the 48 contiguous states, except for any ground package originating in Alaska or Hawaii. In addition, the guarantee applies to shipments from Puerto Rico to the 48 contiguous states (see Terms and Conditions for details). Service Map colors may vary due to differences in hardware and software. For the scheduled days in transit for ground packages shipped within the 48 contiguous states, please use the Time-in-Transit calculator.” —UPS Website, 12/6/2003.
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